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Big Tree Plant


Plant more trees!

During the past two years Natural Enterprise have helped Islanders plant over 3000 trees in ‘The Big Tree Plant’, a joint project with Spectrum Housing Association.

The Big Tree Plant is a national project, launched in December 2010 to increase the number of trees planted in towns, cities and neighbourhoods throughout England. The target is to see 1 million trees planted by 2015 – to date the project is well on track to deliver this, with over 800,000 already planted.

It’s not too late to take part in the Big Tree Plant. There are still a number of oak, maple, disease-resistant elm, hazel, wild service and walnut to be planted across the Island this winter, helping to make our neighbourhoods more attractive, healthy and wildlife-friendly places to live.

The young trees are available free to groups /sites meeting the criteria of the project: mainly that the trees will ideally be planted on public/community land, but if not, must show public benefit; planted in or close proximity to towns/villages, rather than countryside planting; landowner’s permission must be provided for planting; the group must plant the trees themselves and newly-established trees will require care, such as watering next summer.

A variety of groups on the island have already taken advantage of the offer, including schools, Parish Councils and residential care homes.

Any groups, schools or community organisations interested in participating in the planting should contact Tracy Underwood on 01983 201565 or email: