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Weathering the Change

The Island’s climate is changing but Natural Enterprise is working with the Island’s communities to ensure we maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of a changing climate. Our intention is to:

  • Increase understanding of how the Island is going to be affected.
  • Increase understanding of how life and business will be influenced.
  • Offer advice on how businesses, individuals and communities can thrive in our new climate.

Image courtesy of Chris Boynton

We recognise that we need to change our behaviour to respond to the impacts of climate change; we need to adapt the way we live, work, build and travel. Adaptation needs to be built into planning and risk management now to ensure the continued and improved success of business and communities in the future.

Rising global temperatures will bring changes in our weather patterns including increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather (flooding, heat waves etc). Rising sea levels and more rapid coastal erosion will result in more frequent coastal flooding and eventually a new coastline.

Image:Flooding in Yarmouth

We are launching a series of activities, events and competitions to ensure everyone is aware of how the Island will change and what they can do to prepare, events will be of interest to individuals, communities and business. Watch this space for more information call 01983 296244 or email us.

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