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Green Towns

‘Green Towns’- encouraging local communities to improve their environment.


You have the power to improve your home and your community – it’s now time to get involved with a range of activities from beach cleaning parties to developing new cycleways and creating local nature areas. Involve your friends and neighbours and make a Big Green Difference.

  • Green Towns bring people together to improve their own community
  • Green Towns can tap in to a range of expertise and support
  • Green Towns is about local action by local people

Joining the Green Towns project has a number of benefits, leading to real environmental improvements. Some of these will be “global” benefits such as reducing CO2 emissions, while other actions will be more local, like the creation of a new community wildlife area or setting up a swap shop.

How to be part of it
We want to hear from you if you are interested in improving your community; whether you want to help reduce energy use, improve a neighbour’s veggie patch, go on a beach clean or help conserve local wildlife.

If your community is already part of Green Towns there will be lots of ways you can join in, from becoming part of the steering group to volunteering or just making changes in your own home.

If your community is not yet part of Green Towns we can put you in touch with others in your area who would like to see it happen.

Green Towns is facilitated by Natural Enterprise and delivered by local communities.
For more information contact us on 01983 296244, email us or visit