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Landscape and Heritage

The setting of a development project, its sense of place and the historic and cultural connections that it makes or breaks are matters of importance in any project. The presence of designated landscapes, protected built heritage and ancient monuments needs to be understood not only for what they constrain but also for the opportunities they can present.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks and tree preservation orders all seek to conserve and maintain particular landscape types, visual settings or viewpoints but the inevitable subjectivity of these aesthetic judgements can make for a confusing and frustrating journey. We have a strong background in protected landscapes and arboriculture and so can guide you through the necessary planning process; but at the same time we will help you to make use of location in the layout and design of a scheme for maximum impact and minimum cost.

Heritage Statements and Archaeological Assessment
Your development project will be asked to produce a heritage and access statement and a key part of this may be the assessment of the buried and visible archaeological resource. Encountering archaeology unexpectedly and with no plan in place for its control and management can become a very difficult situation indeed. We can provide that plan, minimize the risks and capitalize on the qualities and distinctiveness that your own site’s heritage offers.

Landscape and Planting Design
The tragedy of so many developments is that they bolt on their landscaping schemes at the end as just so much window-dressing. But this approach leads to the pointless, dismal and soon ignored planting that is sadly the norm. The irony is that these are almost always more expensive to create and maintain than something more in keeping, more resilient, more beautiful and more useful. Good landscaping sets good development apart and makes a real and lasting difference to the working life of a business and its people. We know how to create just such designs.