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Advice for people living alongside a watercourse in Newport

Badly maintained rivers and watercourses can cause flooding. They are also a danger to health and wildlife. Here are some simple steps to follow to ensure this does not happen.


  • Keep growth of waterside vegetation under control and leave some cover for wildlife

  • Keep watercourses free of debris – woody debris can be good for wildlife but rubbish is not

  • Take garden waste or unwanted plants to the tip, or compost them away from water
  • DON’T

  • Leave unsecured garden furniture near the river – leave nothing on the bank that could be carried away with flooding

  • Allow oils or detergents to spill

  • Dump general waste or rubbish in or near the water

  • Dump garden waste or unwanted plants in or near the river

  • Lukely Brook behind Caesers Road November 2014

    Feed the ducks please give them naturally healthy food such as duck food form pet shops. Cake, bread and biscuits can cause malnutrition and sickness in wildfowl. However they do not need feeding at all and will survive perfectly well eating natural vegetation and insects.


    ENVIRONMENT AGENCY- 0800 80 70 60 If you spot someone dumping rubbish in your river or in the event of river flooding

    SOUTHERN WATER – 0845 278 0845 In the event of foul water or foul sewage flooding

    SOUTHERN WATER – 0800 820 899 In the event of water leakage

    ISLAND ROADS – 01983 822440 In the event of highway flooding and for advice regarding sandbags

    EMERGENCY SERVICES – 999 In the event of inundation

    Click here to download our printable riverwatch leaflet

    Click here to download your Riparian rights.