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Medina river restoration moves upstream

19 Jan 2012

Following the successful completion of the river restoration work last summer, Natural Enterprise is set to begin work on its second season of coppicing work to bring light to the darker stretches of the Medina for the conservation of its flora and fauna.

Thanks to funding secured from SITA Trust UK in 2010 and the help of partners – the Environment Agency, Newport Parish Council, IW Council and the Newport Rivers Group – Natural Enterprise is now mid-way through a two year project to restore river habitats along the 3km of the Medina, between Blackwater and Newport. A series of in-channel enhancements and bank stabilisation works combined with a programme of cutting back overhanging trees is aimed at tackling this heavily modified section of the river and helping species such as trout and eel.

Paul Creer of Natural Enterprise pollards a sycamore

Claire Hector, project manager, said, ‘Last year’s restoration work has already made a huge difference to the river; the planting at the restoration sites is establishing brilliantly, and nowhere better than at Shide where the former concrete channel is now filled with native water plants and the new gravel bed providing habitat for spawning fish.

A key part of the project is our tree-work; by bringing light and warmth back into the darker sections of the river, we can encourage migratory fish to travel further upstream. We are coppicing trees along the riverbank throughout this winter and the next, and in spring we begin installing woody debris sourced from the felling into the channel to create further habitat and shelter for fish and other wildlife.’

Natural Enterprise will start this project work in late January. No footpath closure will be necessary.

For more on information call Claire Hector of Natural Enterprise on 201564.