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Make a Big Green Difference

25 Aug 2011

Most of us would like to help make an impact and reduce our carbon footprints and really make a difference to the environment in which we live, but how do we go about doing something about it? Luckily help is at hand.

Samantha Buck project manager at Natural Enterprise said “Through our Green Towns project we are showing that small simple steps in the right direction can make a Big Green Difference. We’ve been contacted by so many enthusiastic people with great ideas on how their village or town can benefit whilst at the same time making a positive difference to their environmental impact. We are now hooking them all up, so that as a team, they can make a Big Green Difference through their wide variety of local activities.”

Image: Rebekah Gibson on her allotment

The project, which is in its first year, allows “Green Towns” to tap in to a range of expertise and support to help improve their environment. Joining the Green Towns project has many benefits, some of which will be global, such reducing CO2 emissions, whilst others might be more local, like the creation of a new community wildlife area. Individuals can also make a difference; simply by composting food scraps, organic waste material is diverted away from landfill sites which are responsible for producing significant amounts of methane, one our most potent green house gases.

If you are interested in being a part of one of the Island’s Green Towns then contact Samantha Buck at Natural Enterprise on 535888 or email

Do one thing each week and see your carbon footprint shrink over time – or join one of the Island’s Green Towns and make a Big Green Difference.