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Woodland Economic Services

The Isle of Wight’s woodland industry has received invaluable support thanks to a new collaborative project between Natural Enterprise and the Isle of Wight’s Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB).

As part of this project Natural Enterprise has produced a new website,WoodworksWight that aims to enable Isle of Wight consumers to make informed choices about the purchase of local woodland products. The website features a whole range of products, but you will also find there is a great deal of information about woodfuel, as its production is very important to our woodlands.

We also want to help woodland owners find local contractors who can help them manage their woodland’s in a sustainable and economic fashion whilst protecting biodiversity. The website has a Directory pointing you to all of these contractors.

Finally, we want to support anyone who works in the Island’s woodlands, by giving advice on training, grants and business opportunities and yes, there’s information on the website about all of this too.

Visit the new WoodworksWight website and find out for yourself. We’d love to know what you think of it, call us on 01983 296244 or email us your thoughts