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Habitats and Species

No matter where you are, brownfield or greenfield, urban or rural, your business development will at some point encounter the world of protected species and special habitats.

Environmental legislation on the protection of biodiversity, the control of pollution and the designation of land for conservation will only get tougher. We understand what is required by the regulatory agencies and conservation bodies but we also understand what your project means to you and the need you have for an efficient and pragmatic approach.

A Full Understanding
Specialist biological and landscape survey and monitoring are the backbone of successful environmental and ecological advice. To be able to quickly reach an accurate and detailed understanding of a site, to know what is significant and what isn’t and to know how to deal with it without crisis or unnecessary delay are the essential services that business’ needs and that we provide.

Image: A dormouse found leaving one of our dormouse survey boxes on the Isle of Wight

The Law
Protected species and protected habitats can be a very significant constraint on a development project and if handled clumsily can quickly become serious. We can guide you through the requirements of UK and EU law as they apply to your project, ensure that proper licences are in place where needed and that close and effective liaison with regulators and statutory consultees is maintained throughout.

A development project will always have to demonstrate that it has avoided or mitigated harm to wildlife. Sometimes this means translocating species, sometimes creating new features for biodiversity on-site. We have experience and expertise in the design and management of wildlife habitats and in the particular ecological requirements of the key species for your project.